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In this article you will find details on selected additional web hosting services. You can find a complete overview on the Webhosting product page.

You can find general information along with instructions for activating and deactivating add-on services in the article Services – Add-ons.

In this article, you will learn about the following add-on services:

Extra and LowCost

The add-on services Extra and LowCost change the basic Webhosting plan (NoLimit).

  • Extra increases the web hosting performance and the backup frequency. You can try it for free for 7 days – if you disable the add-on during that time, the system will cancel the additional payment invoice.
  • LowCost reduces hosting performance and the daily quota of sent emails. It also blocks some features, such as aliases and the app installer. The new Webhosting price will be reflected starting with the next billing period.

You can find more details about changing the Webhosting plan in the article Webhosting – Change Plan (Variant).

Increase Email Space by 5 GB

You can manage the total capacity of mailbox space with the Increase Email Space by 5 GB add-on. The basic mailbox capacity is 5 GB (10 GB with the Extra plan).

You can find more information about increasing or decreasing email capacity in the article Emails – Mailbox Storage Upgrade.

Accesslog and Errorlog

Logging allows you to search for sources of problems with your website. You can activate each of the logs once a month for 24 hours free of charge.

You can find more information about activating logging and obtaining data from the customer administration in the article Webhosting – Logging.

Unlimited Aliases

The Unlimited Aliases add-on allows you to direct any number of domains and subdomains as aliases to NoLimit and Extra Webhosting (instead of the usual 3). You will normally use the service to host a large number of static or otherwise undemanding websites on a single Webhosting.

You can find more information in the article Webhosting – Aliases, or Webhosting – Separate Alias Websites.


The CRON tool makes it possible to periodically run PHP scripts on Webhosting. The CRON+ add-on service increases the maximum number of active CRON jobs and allows you to set a higher frequency of running scripts.

You can find more information in the article Webhosting – CRON.

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