htaccess – error pages

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You can use the htaccess file to set up web pages for visitors to see when an error occurs.

The ErrorDocument command can be used to:

  • redirect to another URL (any)
  • view the content of a particular page on the same site
  • display the set error message

The first parameter is the error number, the second parameter is the destination URL, file or text.


ErrorDocument 500
ErrorDocument 404 /page-doesnt-exist.php
ErrorDocument 401 /login.html
ErrorDocument 403 "Sorry, you do not have access to this file"

HTTP error codes

For example, the HTTP protocol defines the following error codes:

  • 01 Unauthorized – user must log in to access
  • 403 Forbidden – Access Denied
  • 404 Not Found – Page Not Found
  • 500 Internal Server Error – internal error, request cannot be processed (eg error in script)

A complete list of codes and their explanations: HTTP 1.1 – status code definitions

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