Locking FTP accounts on webhosting

  FTP, Web Hosting

Many viruses that infect computers that are connected to the Internet have the task go through the whole drive of the computer and get all sorts of passwords and send them to their creators. In this way, if you have an infected computer, anyone can get information to FTP account (if you have stored the password in any FTP program). And then use these data to record another virus on your web which by using your site will continue distributing.

For this reason, we recommend using FTP account locking. You can lock FTP account in customer administration. When you will want to use FTP, just unlock and after lock it again. If the FTP account is locked, you can not login even with the correct name and password.

To manage FTP account for a particular webhosting, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account in the customer center (client.wedos.com)
  2. Click on the tab Webhosting
  3. For the particular webhosting, click on the icon in the list on the left, you will see the detail of webhosting
  4. In the list of FTP accounts, click on the icon on the left and you will see the detail of FTP account

On the FTP account detail page you will find buttons block and unblock.

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