Error 403 – Forbidden

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Quick solution – repair access permissions.

HTTP 403 Forbidden response, sometimes Access Forbidden or Access Denied, is an error message stating that the server couldn’t access the requested files. It may be caused by several reasons and even unskilled users can usually solve it.

Error 403 Forbidden.

Common causes

  • Index file missing – check, that index.html or index.php is present. Upload it if not. Homepage of your website should always be named index.html or index.php.
  • Wrong file permissions – files should be readable, we recommend CHMOD 640 (you can set it in your FTP client) or use repair access permissions.
  • Geoblocking or IP restriction – access to the file may be limited only to certain area or IP addresses. E.g. admin area. Check your security settings, .htaccess rules or reach your administrator.
  • Server is not able to read .htaccess file – in that case rules for access are not known and server will deny access as a prevention. Can be solved by setting .htaccess CHMOD permissions to 640 or repair access permissions.
The server could not read possible .htaccess rules, so access will be denied as prevention.

Repair acccess permission

  • Log in to the customer service.
  • In the top menu go to Hosting services >> Webhosting.
  • Click on your webhosting.
  • In the left menu go to Tools.
  • Use the repair access permissions button.

Clicking the button will make the server set CHMOD 640 permissions to all files. It may take a few seconds.

In the customer service, in the web hosting detail, there is a Repair access permissions tool.

Access restriction

Access to the files and website may be restricted. Some geoblocking may be set, while only specified users may access the content, or admin area, while only admin may use it. These rules are stored in the .htaccess file.

order deny,allow
deny from all               // deny access from all
allow from          // allow access only from this IP

You can try to add your IP address as a new line or reach your administrator. Users from allowed IP addresses will see the content, other users will see 403 Forbidden error.

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