E-maily – administration of mailboxes

  Administration, E-mails, Web hosting

In customer center is possible to modify and delete e-mail boxes.

After logging in at client.wedos.com, in section webhosting select the detail of particular hosting and in the left menu select Mailboxes. You will see a list of e-mail mailboxes for this domain. On the left at each mailbox you will see two icons, the first will open the detail of the mailbox, second will delete it.

Creating/editing of e-mail boxes

To create a new mailbox, use in left menu New e-mail account, to change the current settings, click the icon on the left side near mailbox.


When creating a mailbox enter Malibox name, which is also its main alias. After you create a mailbox, the name can not be changed.

You can fill more Aliases separated by semicolons, messages addressed to any of these aliases will be sent to this mailbox.

Set up Status of mailbox:

  • Access allowed – mailbox is fully functional
  • Access denied (log in) – can not log in to your mailbox, everything else works without changes.
  • Access denied(log in, receiving) – mailbox is blocked, you can not log into it, incoming messages are rejected.
  • Spam trap – mailbox is blocked senders of messages sent to this mailbox are marked as spam.


When creating a mailbox, enter the password, when editing leave fields empty, if you do not set a new password.

The password must contain at least 8 characters long and must not contain the name of the mailbox.


Into the field, All incoming messages forwarded to e-mail you can specify one or more e-mail addresses separated by semicolons, for which are forwarded received messages.

Select option Delete forwarded messages, if you wish to delete messages after a forwarding. In addition, you can insert header X-Envelope-To into message header, containing the original message recipient.

Messages limits

You can set limits for this mailbox if you do not specify any values​​, the limits are set in domain settings.

To set the limit of Mailbox size check the appropriate box and enter the size that mailbox must not exceed. For unlimited size enter 0. When the limit is exceeded new messages for this mailbox are rejected.

Limit Max. message size reduces the size of outgoing messages. Received messages are not affected by this option.

Daily quantity of data sent determines the amount of data a user can send per day. After exceeding the limit will not be able to send another message. If the message is sent to multiple recipients, it is counted once for each recipient, when the user sends a 1 MB to ten recipients it will increase the size of data sent about 10 MB.

Daily number of sent messages is the number of messages which the user can send per day. Message to multiple recipients is counted for each recipient.


It is possible to set an expiration date for mailbox, expired mailbox will be blocked (you can unlock mailbox by setting value Access allowed), or can be deleted if you select the option Delete this account after expiration.

The first option of setting expiration is, when the mailbox expires if the user does not log into after a specified number of days.

It is also possible to set the value of Expiration date. Select appropriate checkbox and fill in the date (in format dd.mm.rrrr, for example, 31.12.2010), of mailbox expiration.

If you want to send e-mail notifications before the expiration, select Alert for expiration and enter the number of days before expiration when to send the message. Notifications will be sent to the appropriate mailbox.

Deactivation or removal of the mailbox is always performed at the following midnight after expiration.