Webmail interface for webhosting

  Web Hosting, E-Mails

Webmail interface can be used for access to e-mail mailboxes and messages via a web browser. E-mails available to you anywhere without the need to use any e-mail program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc).

Webmail RoundCube

Address: webmail.wedos.net

Recommended for usual work with e-mails (sending and receiving).

This is a very fast, reliable and convenient e-mail client that offers:

  • multilanguage environment (70 languages​​)
  • move messages between folders drag & drop
  • full support for HTML messages and attachments
  • multiple sender identities and signatures
  • contacts directory
  • search
  • manage mailboxes

Via this interface, you can not configure some properties of mailboxes (filters for incoming mail, auto-reply, change passwords, etc.).

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