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Setting the spam folder

If you are using protocol IMAP for mailboxes access, you can find e-mails marked as spam in Spam folder.

If you’re using POP3 protocol, you do not reach the folder that stores the spam messages (spam). It may happen that you will lose the messages that have been marked as spam by mistake. In this case, you should set storing to the incoming mailbox of the messages which is marked as spam (but the message will be flagged X-spam-flag in the message header, it is possible by using simple filters in your application to move them to a separate folder).

CAUTION: If you already have e-mails in the spam folder, after deactivating of folder messages disappear. If you want to save them, remove messages to another folder!

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Sign in customer center
  2. in section webhosting open your webhosting detail
  3. in the left menu click on Mailboxes, here select the particular mailbox from the list
  4. In the first section you will find the option Save spam to a separate folder – If this option is turned off, then message marked as spam will be received between incoming mails

Alternatively, you can also set this behavior in webmail IceWarpu (specific interface address for your webhosting can be found in e-mail about services establishing or in a customer service center in detail a particular webhosting)

  1. Sign in via webmail interface to the appropriate e-mail box
  2. open Tools – Options, then tab security – anti-spam
  3. Set the ‘spam folder mode’ on ‘do not use spam folder

Turning off anti-spam

In case you use your own anti-spam solutions, it is possible to turn off anti-spam for your domain on our servers. Please contact our technical support via contact form.

Setting of (un)solicited senders

For each e-mail inbox is possible to set a list with the solicited (whitelist) and unsolicited senders (blacklist). If the sender of the message is found in one of these lists message is not controlled by standard anti-spam and is directly delivered (in the case of demand) or marked as spam (unsolicited).

There are several ways to insert sender into these lists, settings can be done in webmail IceWarp (specific interface address for your webhosting can be found in e-mail about service establishing or in a customer service center in detail of particular webhosting).

1) Marking of inbox message as unsolicited

I f you will find unsolicited messages in the list of inbox messages, just click by the right mouse button and choose option Select as unsolicited (Blacklist sender).

mail to spam

This opens a dialog in which you will be asked if you want to add unsolicited sender to the list, here confirm this action by pressing OK. The message will then be moved to the spam and sender inserted into the Junk Senders list. 

Similarly, insert the sender to the list of solicited mailers, just choose Mark as solicited (Whitelist sender). In this case, the message remains in the inbox.

2) Direct insertion of the sender to the list

If you want to insert the sender into one of these lists directly, select a folder in the left menu Filtes – Whitelist / Blacklist.

filters - Blacklist

It will be displayed a list of solicited/unsolicited senders. Right-click anywhere in the list to open a menu where choose New. In the next window, fill out the e-mail address that you want to add to the list and by pressing OK confirm it.

filters - new

To this list can be inserted particular sender, but it also is possible to insert the whole domain, for example, domain.com. 

By right-clicking on an existing item, you can do one of the following:

  • Move to the opposite list (Solicited senders <-> Unsolicited senders).
  • Inserting a new sender.
  • Removing of sender from the list – Delete
filters - list