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E-mail service is available for all our web-hosting services (Webhosting, WMS, WebSite (Profi or Premium)). In the control panel, you can create a new mailbox, delete or change the settings of the existing one.

Log in to our control panel, in the top menu go to Hosting services >> Webhosting, WMS or WebSite, choose your service, and in the left menu go to Mailboxes. WMS requires one more step – choose your WMS web hosting. Now you’ll see the mailbox list.

In the main menu please choose Hosting services >> Webhosting, WMS or WebSite >> your service >> Mailboxes in the left menu

How to create a new mailbox?

Above the mailbox list, there is the Create new mailbox button.

Use the Create new mailbox button above the list of mailboxes.

Start with choosing the name of the mailbox, it will be also your new e-mail address. You can use aliases, that will allow you to use this mailbox under more identities. E-mails to all addresses will end in one mailbox.

Password is required. You can use a password generator, the key symbol near the password field. Copy the same password into the Confirm field. Our system has a password security control, it will help you to create a secure password.

You can redirect all incoming messages to a specified e-mail address. As default, all messages will be redirected and kept on our server so you can consider it also as a backup. If you wish to delete messages after redirect, just choose the Delete forwarded messages option.

In a Permit section, you can set if the mailbox is available for Login, if it can send e-mails and if e-mails can be delivered to the mailbox.

Mailbox limits control the size of the mailbox (5GB by default, more with optional services) and the daily number of sent e-mails (500 by default). You can keep it default or customize it.

In the Other settings section, you can set how to handle SPAM e-mails. By default, there is a SPAM folder in the mailbox created. Or you can store it with your Inbox, just with the SPAM flag. Sending from any address within the service allows you to use any existing e-mail address (within the service) in this mailbox, so there is no need to re-login.

Creating or editing mailboxes.

How to edit the mailbox?

There are 2 icons next to each mailbox for editing or deleting the mailbox in the mailbox list.

Next to every mailbox there are buttons for editing or deleting the mailbox.

The process is similar to creating a new mailbox. You just can’t change the name of the mailbox, if you need that, create a new one, please.

Keep the Password section blank if you don’t need to change password.

Working with webhosting aliases

Each web hosting can host multiple domains. Websites can be fully separate, but there is only one set of mailboxes. It’s all shared to all domains within one web hosting. Incoming messages will mix up (you can use folders and filters), outgoing messages will use the Sender e-mail the same as you log in with.

Webhosting:, aliases:,,
Mailboxes: info, test

In this situation you can use e-mail addresses: | | |
test | | |

But still there is only one info mailbox and one test mailbox in the server.

Frequently asked questions

How to create a new mailbox for an alias domain?

Just create a new mailbox. It will be available for all domains within the webhosting. See the example above.

How to deliver an e-mail to an alias e-mail address?

Just send it to desired address. It will be saved to the mailbox.

How to send an e-mail from an alias e-mail address?

In your mail client use the e-mail address as a login. It will be set as From: header.

How to create a new folder in the mailbox?

Use any e-mail client, e.g. Webmail.

Where to find IMAP / SMTP addresses?

In the control panel or in the “Webhosting established” e-mail.

How to restore a forgotten password? *

Passwords are encrypted, so there is no way to see it. Please set a new password.

I’m a WebSite user and I can’t find Mailboxes in the menu.

Maybe you use WebSite free, which does not include e-mail services. Upgrade to any of the higher plans.

How to access my mailboxes? *

You can use our webmail or any available e-mail client using IMAP / SMTP. See server addressess in the Webhosting established e-mail.

* from the feedback

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