E-mails – move messages to a new e-mail account

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After a transfer of the website on our servers, maybe you want to move your e-mail addresses and messages on our email server. Here you will find instructions on how to do this.

Transfer by using e-mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird)

If you are already using e-mail client that supports IMAP communication, this is the best choice for you. 

First of all, you should add both your e-mail accounts into the email client to which you want to copy emails. For communication, you need to choose the IMAP protocol, which allows you to manipulate messages on the server. The procedure for adding an e-mail box is described in the Thunderbird mozilla e-mail client manual.

add the source and destination mailboxes to Thunderbird

Switch to the e-mail account and folder from which you want to copy, and use CTRL + A to highlight all messages.

mark all messages in the folder with CTRL + A

Right-click on one of the messages and select Copy to > Destination Box > Destination Folder.

you can copy the marked e-mails to the destination mailbox.

Do a similar procedure with all folders or mailboxes.

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