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The following instructions will help you to move your domain and web hosting to us. If you do not understand some of the steps, please contact our customer support, via chat.

1. Transfer Domain to us

First, re-register the domain to us, therefore we become the registrar.

Use this page for domain transfer.

.CZ domain transfer is free. For other domains is also free, but at the same time, it is necessary to prolong the domain of one year (extension is already in our price). The original expiration date (validity) of the domain will be added 365 days. Transfer of domain .CZ is performed online ani is ready immediately. For other domains it takes up to several days (continue to the next step). All the time your presentation works on the original server.

More information:

This step is not required, but we recommend to do it. It is always better to have a domain in the same place as webhosting. This is useful to avoid problems in the future. 

2. Order of webhosting

Use this page for order of webhosting, respectively, as the next step after the transfer of the domain (it will automatically lead you).

3. Payment of fees

Pay the fee for webhosting (possibly for the domain if you are prompted). You do not have to worry, because if anything did not work correctly, then payment returns because here is our Guarantee of cash returning. You can pay in several ways – by bank transfer or various on-line payments.

More information about Payment methods

4. Webhosting establishment

After receipt of payment, we will send you e-mail with informations about FTP, e-mails and internal site address, on which your site can be tested. In the administration you can easily set up databases, e-mails, FTP accounts, etc.. You can prepare everything in advance, test it, adjust it as you need.

5. Move files from original server

By using FTP you can copy the data from the original webhosting to us.

Copy files to FTP directory www (see Directory structure webhosting).

If you are planning to run multiple content management systems and e-shops on one webhosting (as aliases or subdomains), then read article Different content management systems on a single webhosting.

6. Transfer (export/import) of database

If your site using the database, you need to export the database from the current database server and import it to the new server at our webhosting. How to perform these two steps you can find here Database import and export.

Before starting log in to the customer center and create MySQL database (on tab webhosting open detail of webhosting and on left side use link New database).

7. Changing the configuration files

Customize configuration files in your scripts on our server (paths, login to the database…).

When you entering database login details, make sure that you fill correct items. The name of the database server is NOT localhost, it is like in this example – specific information can be found in e-mail about database creation.

8. Verification of settings functionality

By using the internal URL, which you were assigned when setting up web hosting (example, test the functionality of your site. The real domain is still working from the original server. Proceed to the next step only if you are sure that you have copied data, all tested via the internal address and everything is set up so that your web is working properly.

9. Transferring mailbox content

If you wish to transfer also existing content of your mailboxes, you can just connect previous and new mailbox to any IMAP client (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc) and copy e-mails between them.

If you no longer need your mailbox history, you can just create new empty mailboxes.

10. Changing DNS settings

You can perform change of DNS servers for your domain and make sure that you have set correct DNS records which are directed to webhosting.

Alternatively, you can have DNS servers elsewhere and just set DNS records from us. In this case, in the future, you will risk that your site or email could stop working properly. Therefore, it is preferable to have a domain with us and our DNS servers.

From this point, everything sequentially starts working from us. Usually, it is within 30-90 minutes. There is no failure, but part of the requirements directs the old server and rest to the new. Successively all will be directed to new server, therefore to us. It is suitable to do this at night or early in the morning.

11. Functionality check

After the domain is directed to our webhosting, check everything again.

If everything is ok, you can terminate the webhosting from the previous provider.

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