Webhosting – basic information

  Web Hosting, Basic Information

After the establishment of web hosting, you will receive several access details to access and management of the individual components of a service package.

Overview of your services and basic management can be found in the customer service center at client.wedos.com.


To access the files on your web host you can use protocol FTP. We recommend using the encrypted variant FTPS (SSL), which should be supported by most decent FTP clients. Specifically, it is possible to use the explicit SSL (FTPES), when the FTP client connects to port 21 and then going to switch to encrypted mode. Implicit SSL direct connections to port 990 are not possible.

The files that have to be publicly accessible upload to a subdirectory www.

FTP access is functional immediately after the establishment of webhosting and you can upload files, no need to wait for directing domains in DNS.

After work with the FTP account, it is recommended to lock it and before the next usage unlocks it.

More information: Webhosting/FTP


For each webhosting you will get e-mail boxes. After the establishment of webhosting is automatically created only one box admin@yourdomain.

  • Mailboxes are managed (created, changing the setting, canceling) in customer center.
  • The interface for working with a particular mailbox (settings, sending and reading of mails) – webmail.wedos.net.

To receive e-mail into your mail client can be used protocols POP3 and IMAP, for sending you can use our SMTP server. We recommend using their encryption variant POP3S, IMAPS an SMTPS.

Specific addresses of POP3, IMAP and SMTP servers for your webhosting can be found in e-mail about services establishing or in a customer center in detail of particular web hosting.

More information: Webhosting/E-mails

DNS Settings

If your domain is using our DNS servers we take care of the correct settings.

If you are not using our DNS servers for domain it is necessary to set appropriate A and MX records on DNS servers of your provider. Specific settings can be found in the e-mail that we send to you after the establishment of webhosting.

If you are migrating with webhosting from another company for us and you want to upload your website as first, prepare and test before you make changes in DNS, your site immediately accessible after the establishment on internal URL address. The internal address can be found in the e-mail about the establishment of webhosting.

The database

For webhosting you can establish any number of MySQL databases. You can do this in the customer center in detail of particular webhosting. Then you will receive information about the database by e-mail.

More information:


On the webhosting is available PHP version 5.3.

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