WAPI – command domain-info

  WAPI (API Interface), Domains

Command domain-info can be used to obtain information about the domain. Can be used only for domains that belong to your client account.


  • name – domain name – required

Return values

  • 1000 – command was successful, element data contains informations about domain
  • 3222 – failed to retrieve the domain object 
  • 3216 – failed to retrieve information about domain
  • 3223 – domain does not belong to your customer account
  • 4205 – error in connection with the registry

Return data

Element data in case of success contains information about domain. What information is returned depends on the type of domain and other factors. Here are the most important:

  • name – domain name
  • status – domain status
  • owner_c – domain owner
  • setup_date – creation date
  • expiration – expiration date
  • dns – list of NS servers
  • own_* – items with prefix own_ – information about domain owner

Some information about the domain or the owner may be HIDDEN.

Example of use

XML request:


XML response:

   <setup_date>2010-10-11 17:45:03</setup_date>
   <own_name>Standa Contact Tester</own_name>
   <own_fname>Standa Contact</own_fname>
   <own_addr_street>Testovací 777</own_addr_street>
   <own_addr_state>jižní čechy</own_addr_state>
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