WAPI – command dns-domain-axfr-run

  WAPI (API Interface), WDNS

This command performs an update of the DNS records in the earliest possible time (within minutes)  from the primary server via AXFR. It is used for secondary type domains where we download the contents of zones to our system from another server.

Without the use of this command, AXFR is based on the information REFRESH and RETRY in SOA record.


  • name = domain name – required
  • 1000 = ok
  • 2201 = unsupported TLD
  • 2202 = invalid, or unsupported domain name
  • 2319 = can be done for secondary domain type only
  • 3222 = opening domain failed
  • 3223 = access denied
  • 3305 = domain is locked for editing
  • 3306 = domain is deleted

Return data

  • next_run – time when the record is updated

Example of use

XML query:


XML response:

  <next_run>2010-12-01 09:22:10</next_run>
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