WAPI – command contact-info

  WAPI (API Interface), Contacts

This command returns detailed information about the contact.

For .CZ domain can be used password authorization system, which is used to reveal hidden items in contact. Contact-info Command can call anyone for any existing contact, and might get some confidential information. Therefore, they are hidden and appear only after you enter the authorization code.

In our system, we record who created the contact, or who entered the valid authorization password, and we make available these items without re-use of the command.


  • tld – TLD
  • cname – contact name
  • auth_info – contact authorization password  – optional parameter (if domain supports, enter the password to reveal hidden information of contact)

Return Values

  • 1000 – contact Information received successfully
  • 2201 – wrong entered TLD
  • 2216 – invalid contact syntax 
  • 3228 – not support working with contacts
  • 3229 – error loading contact
  • 4212 – connection error

Return data

If successful (code 1000) command returns in the node contact information about the contact

Example of use

XML query:


XML response:

   <name>Honza tester</name>
   <addr_street>Street 132</addr_street>
   <addr_city>Minas Morgull</addr_city>
   <phone>+011 123456789</phone>
   <created_date>2010-10-22 10:15:27</created_date>
   <updated_date>2010-10-22 15:10:19</updated_date>
   <transfer_date>2010-10-25 12:15:47</transfer_date>
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