VPS – explanation of virtual processors

  Virtual servers (VPS SSD)

Each of our physical servers, where is running the virtualization, has two processors, each with 4 cores, plus hyperthreading is there (in one core can run two threads). So the physical server where running the virtual servers offers total at one time 16 threads, otherwise 16 single-threaded processes (programs).

To the virtual server are set, so-called virtual processors. If you have one virtual processor, your server runs on a physical server as a single-threaded process, which may use one thread of the physical processor.

So all virtual processors of all virtual servers together “struggling” of 16 threads that can be performed simultaneously.

The more virtual processors you have, the more threads of the physical processor can be used simultaneously and therefore to get more performance. however, your virtual processors always will share performance with others, there will never be a reserved performance for you.

We do not offer dedicated processor performance, in this case, virtualization would lose its sense and we will waste unused server performance. Also, our VPS services had to be affordable elsewhere. If you need unshared performance, you could choose dedicated server, where is all performance of physical machine only for yourself.