ssVNC – VNC client

  Virtual servers (VPS SSD)

VNC protocol gives you access to monitor, keyboard, and mouse of server. ssVNC is a tested and functional program to connect to the VPS.

General information about VNC can be found in article VPS – access to the server via VNC.

Website ssVNC

This is a freeware, so do not worry that you will have to pay something. This program is also ported to other platforms (MacOS, Unix, …). The client is a positive exception, the vast majority of SSL VNC software for Windows in this branch is paid.

CAUTION! According to our information, this program does not work on 64-bit Windows.

How to connect?

After starting the program (ssvnc.exe) will open this dialog box.

Into it is necessary to enter address and port for the connection and select the method of connection (Use SSL). The address should find in the mail about establishing of service, or in the administration of your VPS at the section KVM (VNC). It will also be checked off Verify All Certs. If you would like to verify with a certificate, you will need to purchase one of the paid programs to support our certification authority. So when everything is properly filled in, you have to click the Connect button.

After successful authentication and logon followed by the prompt for the KVM password. This can also be found in the service setup mail.

After entering the correct password will be opened session with the hypervisor, in which you have access to your VPS. Now you can work with the VPS like as if you have monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected to the server.

CAUTION! By default ssVNC using a non-standard keyboard. This can cause problems when you entering a password, which is not printed during entering. And so eg. instead of the digits is actually inserted other characters. In this case, try to enter the password into user name – password will appear there and you will see characters that are written. If necessary, you can switch the keyboard (Shift+Alt, If you are connecting from Windows).