Reinstalling the VPS

  Virtual servers (VPS SSD)

In the customer center, customers can make reinstall of VPS by themselves, and can also choose a different operating system to be installed.

NOTICE! Reinstall will cause loss of all data on VPS. The virtual drive will be formatted and reinstalled completely. Therefore backup any data and configuration that you want to keep, do not forget to make a backup.

This way you can reinstall any VPS on currently offered operating systems, or without OS (make an empty HDD). To reinstall to an older version of one of OS please contact support via the contact form.

Customers can initiate one VPS reinstallation in one hour.

Reinstalling to any Linux or without OS takes 5-15 minutes. Reinstalling Windows requires the assistance of a technician and it can take up to one working day. Be patient. After completion, you will receive an e-mail about the establishment of service.

How to reinstall VPS

  1. Log in to your customer account
  2. Use tab Serverhosting
  3. Open the detail of a particular VPS
  4. In the left menu use link Reinstall
  5. In the list, select the operating system to be installed to VPS
  6. Click on button launch reinstall