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WEDOS Mailhosting

We created Mailhosting based on the suggestions of customers requesting email boxes without the need to purchase Webhosting or a paid version of the WebSite service at the same time. It works almost identically to the email services of the mentioned products, but you don’t pay for a website you don’t use or host elsewhere.

If you want to have both emails and a website with WEDOS, order the Webhosting service or the paid variant of the WebSite service.

Among other thing, Mailhosting offers:

  • 5 GB of space for emails (you can increase up to 160 GB, we are preparing 1 TB)
  • unlimited mailboxes and mailbox aliases
  • access to emails using the client or in the browser via WebMail
  • DKIM, SPF, antispam, antivirus, advanced protection against attacks
  • domain bin option (messages to any address delivered to a specific mailbox)

You can find a complete description of the service on the Mailhosting product page.

Mailhosting restrictions are the same as those for Webhosting and WebSite services, i.e.:

  • maximum number of emails sent per day: 500 (more information)
  • maximum size of sent emails including attachments: 100 MB
  • Prohibition of using SMTP server for sending bulk emails, including solicited emails (more information)
  • email services do not include: groupware, calendar, data sharing, synchronization, Instant Messaging, VoIP

Conditions for ordering Mailhosting

You can set up Mailhosting only for a 2nd-order domain (ex. domain.tld). The system currently doesn’t support subdomains (ex. mailing.domain.tld).

Before placing a new order, make sure that:

  • You own or have the domain for which you are ordering Mailhosting in your customer account. Mailhosting can also be set up by an authorized user of that domain.
  • You do not use the domain for which you are ordering Mailhosting with another email service (Webhosting, paid WebSite variants). This excludes subdomains.

Mailhosting order

If you meet the conditions, order a new Mailhosting at this link by following these steps:

  1. Fill in the domain and:
    • Set the desired capacity of the mailbox using Optional services (base 5 GB + additional 5 GB for each activation).
    • Decide whether you want to have MX type DNS records entered/changed automatically (applies only if the domain uses WEDOS DNS servers).
    • Check the necessary consents.
    • Continue to the next step.
  2. If you are not already logged in to the customer administration, log in now.
  3. Enter the billing information to which we send invoices and other information about the service, such as attack reports and set restrictions.
  4. Enter the details of the service operator.
  5. Check the entered data and complete the order by clicking the Complete order button.
1st step of a new Mailhosting service order sample

Warning, the optional service of increasing the space for e-mails by 5 GB is automatically turned on in the order. If a mailbox with a capacity of 5 GB is enough for you, uncheck the additional service.

Unless you pay from the credit account when completing the order, the system will send an invoice to the specified billing email.

Mailhosting will be operational within 1 hour of successful payment.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Why can’t I set up Mailhosting if I already have Webhosting?
Answer: The Webhosting service has email hosting integrated. Except for LowCost Webhosting, these email services are identical.

Question: Why is the price of the service in the order twice as much as in the offer?
Answer: Make sure you have the 5GB email space upgrade option unchecked. Then the prices should match.

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