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Change Mailhosting Domain

If you want to use an existing Mailhosting service with a different domain, you can rename the service. You can also use the renaming if you want to set up another email service for the same domain, for example Webhosting, WMS, or WebSite (except for the Free variant, which is compatible with Mailhosting).

To change the Mailhosting domain, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the customer administration panel.
  2. In the navigation bar, select Web & Email Hosting Mailhosting.
  3. In the service list, select the Mailhosting you want to rename.
  4. In the Change Mailhosting Domain section, enter the new domain and check whether you want to update WEDOS DNS accordingly.
  5. Click the Confirm Changes button.
Sample Mailhosting domain change with WEDOS DNS update
Sample Mailhosting domain change with WEDOS DNS update

The domain change in the system will usually take place within 30 minutes, the DNS update (if it uses WEDOS DNS servers) within 1 hour.

Common Issues

Common problems with renaming Mailhosting include:

Service Name Conflict

Issue: There is an error: Domain name already in use for Webhosting service mail server.

Cause: In our system, it is not possible to run multiple email services (including Webhosting and paid WebSites) with the same domain name.

Řešení: There is a service (or alias) that already includes a mail service for the domain. If you use this service, also use the bundled emails. If you do not use it, rename it according to the instructions for renaming the Webhosting or WebSite service.

Invalid Domain Name

Issue: There is an error: Invalid TLD or domain level..

Cause: Mailhosting only supports existing 2nd and 3rd level domains (e.g. domain.tld or mail.domain.tld).

Řešení: Make sure that your domain name doesn’t contain illegal characters, or that you are not entering a 4th and higher level domain (sub.something.domain.tld).

DNS MX Record Error

Issue: Mail stopped coming after renaming the service.

Cause: The domain probably does not have the MX-type DNS records set correctly, or they have not propagated yet.

Řešení: Check the service’s MX records, ideally with a diagnostic tool that will also detect the use of other DNS servers (e.g. Domain Diagnostics). If there is no problem here, follow the instructions in the article Emails – Troubleshooting.


Question: How do I switch from an existing Webhosting/WebSite to Mailhosting or vice versa?
Answer: Follow the guide Services – Switch between Webhosting and Mailhosting.

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