SK Domains – Ownership Change

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Some Important Information:

  • The change of owner will not cause any further changes to the domain, the operation of the domain itself will not be affected in any way (the same DNS servers will remain, etc.).
  • Changing the owner will not transfer the domain to another customer account – this may need to be done subsequently (transfer services between accounts)
  • There will also be no change in the billing data (these can be changed subsequently if necessary).
  • After changing the owner, the authorization password for the domain will be changed for security reasons. Therefore, the authorization password used to change the domain owner ceases to be valid.

The Procedure for Changing the Ownership of a Domain

  1. Log in to your account in the customer administration (
  2. Click on the Domains folder
  3. Open the detail of the specific domain for which you want to make the change
  4. Click on the Change Domain Owner link in the left menu
  5. You will see a form in which you have 2 options:
    enter the identifier of the existing contact of the new owner – if you know this identifier (e.g. if you already have a .SK domain with us with the given new owner)
    fill in the data of the new owner – company, name, surname, address, etc.
  6. Fill in the domain authorization password. If you do not know it, click on the link to send the password – it will be delivered to the e-mail of the original domain owner.
  7. The ownership change will take effect within 10 minutes of the form being submitted.

Based on the above steps, it is clear that you must have the correct email address set for the domain’s owner, so that the authorisation password can be delivered successfully. If you have an incorrect or malfunctioning e-mail address, you must first contact us to resolve the issue.

No e-mail confirmations are required. After the successful change of domain owner, an information e-mail is sent from the domain registry to the original and new domain owners.

If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

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