SK Domains – Hiding Contact Details

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You can hide the following details in SK domain contacts:

  • phone number
  • fax
  • e-mail

No other details can be hidden.

Hiding data for a contact is done via the contact editing form in the customer administration. To be able to edit a contact, you must know the authorization password for that contact, which you can first have sent to your e-mail.

It is possible to solve this by providing fictitious data in the contact, but you are easily exposed to the risk of losing the domain, because it violates our and SK-NIC’s conditions.

Another option is to register the domain under another person or another company.

Publishing Contact Details in the WHOIS

Natural person – the WHOIS system always displays only the name specified in the contact of the domain owner for natural persons, regardless of the settings for publishing data for the domain contact

Legal person – the WHOIS system always only displays the name, company name, and address. The phone number, fax and e-mail can be hidden (as shown above).

It is clear from the above that the system of the WHOIS SK domain registry does not fully respect the settings for publishing data for domain contacts.

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