SK Domains – Basic Information

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Any natural or legal person from all over the world can become the holder of a SK domain, provided that they have a delivery address in the territory of a Member State of the European Union, in a state forming the European Economic Area or in a member state of the European Free Trade Association.

In the case of natural persons, it is possible to state the date of birth in the YYYY-MM-DD format for the domain holder’s record. In the case of legal persons, it is possible to indicate the identification or registration number of the organization in the holder’s record.

When registering, transferring and changing the domain owner, it is necessary to agree to the rules for the provision of domains in the .SK top-level domain. SK domains use authorization passwords for transfers and changing the domain’s owner. These passwords are obtained from the current domain registrar.

Domains can be registered for a period of 1-10 years and renewed for up to 10 years. The total length of the prepaid period of the SK domain must never exceed 10 years.

When transferring a SK domain, the prepaid period of the domain is extended by 1 year and it is therefore necessary to pay a fee equal to a standard one-year renewal fee. Transfers do not lead to any other payments.

A domain is still protected for 40 days after its expiration. During this period, it is still possible to renew the domain or change the domain’s registrar, but no other changes are allowed (a change of domain contacts, changes of DNS servers,…). During the protection period, the domain is not delegated to DNS and is therefore not available from the Internet. After the renewal of the SK domain during the protection period, the domain will be available again on the Internet within 48 hours. If the domain is not renewed during the protection period, it is removed from the registry the day following the expiration of the protection period and becomes available for registration to anyone.

All changes to SK domains (except for transfers with renewals) are free of charge and can be made online after logging in to the relevant account in the WEDOS customer administration.

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