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When you transfer a domain, its registrar changes, i.e. the provider to whom you pay for the registration, operation and renewal of the domain. There is no change of owner or DNS servers. Transfers are free. For domains after expiration, it is necessary to renew the domain for one year at the same time as transferring it, and the price of the transfer is therefore equivalent to the price of renewing the PL domain with the new registrar.

For a PL domain to be transferred to us, it must meet the following requirements:

  • no less than 5 days must have passed since the domain’s registration or since a previous registrar change
  • you must request a transfer password (AUTH-INFO) from the original registrar

If you want to transfer multiple domains, you can transfer them in bulk or use the API interface to control them.

Transfer Procedure

  1. First, contact the original domain registrar and ask them for an authorization password (AUTH-INFO)
  2. Fill in the domain transfer order on our website
  3. In the second step of the order, you will be asked to enter the authorization password.

During the transfer, you will receive an e-mail from the registry (to the domain owner’s address), which will ask you to confirm the transfer by clicking on the link provided in the email. After the email confirmation of the transfer, another email will be sent from the registry, confirming the transfer and the domain will be transferred within 20 minutes. Emails from the registry are sent in Polish and English.

If the domain in question has expired (i.e. is BLOCKED), it is necessary to renew the domain at the same time as transferring it. After completing the transfer order, a request for payment for the domain renewal will be sent to your email and the transfer will start automatically after it’s payment.

When transferring a domain, a new owner contact is created, which is a copy of the original one. After the domain has been transferred, the domain authorization password will automatically change in the registry.

As clear from the above, it is neccessary to set the email address in the domain owner’s contact properly. The original registrar can send you the requested authorization password to this address or request the confirmation of a transfer once it has started.

If you have an incorrect or malfunctioning email address for your domain, you must resolve this issue with the original registrar.

If the email address is correct (and you haven’t received the email), make sure the message didn’t fall into your spam folder.

If you have any questions or are experiencing complications, contact our customer support.

Transferring PL Domains From viNASK

If viNASK is listed as the current registrar of your domain in the WHOIS database, the domain transfer procedure is different. To transfer such a domain, proceed as follows:

  1. Fill in the application for the domain transfer from the viNASK registrar on the NASK registry website
  2. In the form, select WEDOS Internet, Inc. as the future registrar.
  3. Immediately after filling in and sending the electronic application, it is necessary to print it out, sign it and send a signed copy for assessment to the registry of PL domains to (email) or +48 22 380 83 01 (fax). The application can be accompanied by documentation which can be used to prove that the person requesting the transfer is in fact authorized to do so, i.e. is the domain owner.
  4. NASK reserves 5 days from the receipt of the electronic and signed application to assess the application
  5. After the assessment of the application, NASK will inform the applicant about the result via the email address entered in the application

If the request is approved, NASK will send us the domain authorization password, which is needed to transfer the domain. As soon as we receive the domain authorization password, we will immediately send it (by email) to the domain owner listed for the domain in the WHOIS database. The email with the authorization password also contains instructions for starting the transfer of the domain.

The rest of the process is the same as the standard transfer procedure described at the beginning of the article.

More information about transferring PL domains can be found on the NASK registry web page:

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