Placing a Domain Order – Step 4 – the Domain Owner

  Domains, Basic Information

The Domain Owner

According to the owner’s data, a contact identifier will be created, which will be set when registering with the domain.

The Owner’s Basic Information:

  • Company – a company name (min. 2 characters)
  • Name  – your name (min. 2 characters), mandatory
  • Surname  – your surname (min. 2 characters), mandatory
  • E-mail – a valid e-mail address, mandatory
  • Phone – a phone number preceded by the appropriate country code, for example +44 XXXXXXXXXX
  • Fax  – a fax number preceded by the appropriate country code, for example +44 (XXX) XXX XXXX
  • TIN – tax identification number (if the owner is a VAT payer)
  • Street – street name, mandatory
  • City  – city name  (min. 2 characters), mandatory
  • ZIP  – postal code (5-6 digits), mandatory
  • Country  – select a country from the menu
  • Region– (min. 2 characters)

Additional Information for CZ Domains:

  • Document – type – an identity document, serving as sufficient proof of your identity – one of the menu options (Company ID, identity card, date of birth, passport…)
  • Document number – data relating to the document – type entry
  • Notification e-mail – a valid email address, to which internal communication from CZ.NIC will be sent
  • Hide – the possibility of not publishing some data of the owner (phone, fax, e-mail, TIN, identity document, e-mail for notifications)
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