Placing a Domain Order – Step 2 – Setting It up

  Domains, Basic Information

DNS Servers

For each domain, you need to specify which DNS servers will be used. In most cases, unless you have special instructions or requests, leave the default option (WEDOS DNS servers).

  • WEDOS DNS servers – our DNS servers will be used for the domain, with the option for you to edit DNS domain records on-line in our customer administration
  • existing NSSET – for domains which support NSSET (domain .cz), it is possible to specify an existing NSSET identifier to be used
  • other DNS servers – you can list the names of the DNS servers you prefer to be used. Enter one name per line. You have to enter at least 2 servers.

Domain Contacts

If you already own a domain or you already have a contact registered in the relevant registry, you can directly enter its identifier in the order – this applies for both the domain owner and a possible administrative contact (this is optional). This allows you to have the same contact for all domains (according to the registry) and you can significantly simplify administration – any changes in contact details will be immediately reflected in all domains.

If you do not know what a domain contact is, or you do not enter the identifier of an existing contact here, you will be asked to fill in the owner’s information (company, name, address, etc.) in step 4 of the order and a new contact will be created automatically.

You can find existing contacts in your customer administration or in the detail of a domain. Contacts are divided according to the register.

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