Placing a Domain Order – Step 1 – Choosing the Domain

  Domains, Basic Information

The following information should be filled in:

  • the domain name without a suffix ( and without “www” at the beginning) – for example, “domain”
  • the domain suffix (.CZ, .EU… – pick from our selection)
  • the length of the registration period – domains can be registered for between 1-10 years

In most cases, domain names without diacritics are used, only EU domains are currently exempt – you can include diacritics in them.

After selecting the domain suffix and registration period, the final price with and without VAT will be shown.

Before submitting the form, you need to check the appropriate checkbox in order to agree to our terms and conditions. Please continue by clicking on Continue.

Bulk Domain Registration

Are you looking for the option of bulk domain registration?

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