New gTLD Domains – Transfers


When you transfer a domain, its registrar changes, i.e. the provider to whom you pay for the registration, operation and renewal of the domain. At the same time, the domain owner may change if a completely new one is entered in the re-registration order. A transfer is charged in the form of one annual fee, because once the domain is transferred, it will be renewed for 1 year at the same time. No other changes, such as changing DNS servers, occur during the transfer.

To transfer a domain to us, the new gTLD domain must meet the following conditions:

  • at least 60 days must have passed from the domain’s registration or from a previous change of registrar or change of owner – this change of owner must not have been disputed by the original owner
  • it must be unlocked by the original registrar (it must not be in a clientTransferProhibited or serverTransferProhibited state)
  • you must request a transfer password (AUTH-ID) from the original registrar

If you want to transfer multiple domains, you can use transfer them in bulk or use the API interface to control them.

Transfer Order Procedure

First, contact the original domain registrar and ask them to provide an authorization password (AUTH-ID) and also to unblock the domain for transfer if it is blocked by the original registrar.

  1. Fill in the domain transfer order on our website.
  2. Enter the authorization password, which you should obtain from the original registrar.
    If you already have an existing domain holder contact for a specific registry, you can fill it in or leave the field blank
  3. If you are not yet logged in to your customer administration account, log in. You will then manage your new domain there.
  4. Enter the details of the domain owner, including the correct e-mail address, as you will receive a confirmation of re-registration consent to this e-mail address.
    This step is automatically skipped if you entered an existing holder contact in step 2 of the transfer order.
  5. Billing information settings – customer. The domain owner can be an entity other than the subscriber.
  6. Summary of the whole transfer and its completion.
  7. After completing the transfer order, you will receive an email asking you to pay the annual domain fee.

A domain transfer will start only after the full payment of fees. If the domain is about to expire, do not unnecessarily postpone a transfer and meet all required conditions as soon as possible.

The Transfer Procedure

During a transfer you may receive up to 2 emails to the email address of the domain owner.

Confirmation of the Transfer Request by WEDOS

First, you will receive a confirmation email from WEDOS.

  • Sender–
  • Subject – domain.tld Domain Registrar Change Request Confirmation.

The request must be confirmed within 5 days of receiving the email, otherwise the request will be canceled.

You can also reject the request if, for example, it is a mistake.

The confirmation form also automatically verifies the domain owner if the owner’s information has not yet been verified. Why this is the case is described in detail in the New gTLD Domains – Verification of the Domain Owner manual.

Confirmation of the Transfer Request by the Original Registrar.

The second e-mail that you may receive (but do not have to, because this depends on the original registrar’s specific procedure) in your e-mail box will be from your original registrar.

According to ICANN rules, the transfer should take place as soon as the email requesting the transfer from the original registrar has been confirmed. However, the transfer automatically takes place within a maximum of 5 days, even without confirmation. Procedures may differ for different registrars, so it is important to request information about the specific procedure used by a registrar.

Additional Information for Transfers

Based on the above steps, it is clear that you must have the correct email address set for the domain’s owner, so that emails for them can be delivered successfully. The original registrar will use this email address to send you the requested authorization password, as well as a confirmation email about the transfer.

If an incorrect or malfunctioning email address has been entered for your domain, you must resolve this issue with the original registrar.

If the email address is correct, make sure the message didn’t end up in your spam folder.

NOTICE! During the transfer, no changes can be made to the domain, such as a DNS change. If you need to change DNS servers as soon as possible (at the same time that you wish to transfer the domain), do so before transfering the domain (with the original registrar).

Information About Transferring to Another Registrar

  • At least 60 days must have passed from the domain’s registration or from a previous change of registrar or change of owner – this change of owner must not have been disputed by the original owner
  • Have an authorization password (AUTH-ID) generated
  • Follow the instructions of the other registrar
  • If all the criteria of the other registrar have been met, then we (WEDOS) will send you a confirmation of the request to transfer the domain from us

The confirmation of the request for domain transfer from us does not have to be approved as the transfer will take places within 5 days irrespective of the confirmation, according to ICANN rules. If you, however, wish to transfer the domain as soon as possible, confirm the request.

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