Generic domains – change of owner

  Domain, Generic domain

Several important pieces of information:

  • By changing the owner is not performed other changes for the domain, operation of the domain will not be affected (remain the same DNS servers, etc.).
  • By changing the owner does not transfer domain to another customer account – it is possible to do after (Transfer of services between accounts)
  • Also, it does not change the billing information (you can change them if necessary by editing customer information).

To send a request to change the owner of a generic domain, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account in the customer center (
  2. Use tab Domains
  3. Open detail of specific domain for which you want to make the change
  4. In the left menu click on the link Owner change
  5. You’ll see a form where you will have 2 options:
    • enter the identifier of an existing contact of the new owner – if you know the identifier (for example., if owner already have a domain with us with that contact)
    • fill in the details of the new owner – company, name, address, etc..
  6. To change the owner is also necessary to specify authorization password – you can send request for password as first on appropriate e-mail address by using link “Contact authorization password” (this password will be sent to the e-mail address of the owner of the domain).
  7. After confirmation change of owner will be made ​​within a few minutes.