EU domain – transfer

  Domain, EU domain

At EU domain transfer there is not any change of domain owner or DNS settings. Transfer is charged with one annual fee, because after transfer domain is prolonged by 1 year.

If you want to transfer multiple domains, you can use multiple domain transfer or for controlling of domains use API interface.

Process of transfer

  1. First, contact the original domain registrar and ask him for authorization domain password
  2. Complete order of domain transfer on our website
  3. In the second step, you are prompted to enter the authorization password
  4. After ordering you will receive an e-mail with a payment request to pay a fee for transfer (extension for one year)
  5. After paying of order transfer is started. The transfer process takes no more than 1 working day.

Newly no longer required any e-mail confirmation (from 21.11.2012).

CAUTION! The transfer will start after complete payment of fees. If your domain is near expiration, do not delay transfer and meet all of the required conditions as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or complications contact us via the contact form.