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When you transfer a domain, its registrar changes, i.e. the provider to whom you pay for the registration, operation and renewal of the domain. Complete domain holder information is required. The cost of transfers is equal to the price of renewing the domain for 1 year. Once the domain is transferred it is automatically renewed for 1 year at the same time. It is also possible to transfer quarantined domains. There are no other changes, such as changing the owner or DNS servers.

If you want to transfer multiple domains, you can transfer domains in bulk or use the API interface for controlling them.

The Transfer Process

  1. First, contact the original domain registrar and ask them for the domain’s authorisation password
  2. Complete a domain transfer order on our website
  3. In the second step, you are prompted to enter the authorisation password
  4. After ordering, you will receive an e-mail with a payment request to pay for the transfer (i.e. the renewal of the domain for one year)
  5. After paying the fee, the transfer is started. The transfer process takes a maximum of 1 working day.

No further e-mail confirmations are required (since 21.11.2012).

CAUTION! The transfer will start after the complete payment of fees. If your domain is near expiration, do not delay the transfer and meet all of the required conditions as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or are experiencing complications, contact us via the contact form.

The Format of the Authorisation Password

The authorisation password contains a total of 16 letters and numbers separated by dashes in the following format: XXXX-AAAA-BBBB-CCCC. The first block always consists only of capital letters, where each registrar is assigned a unique code for this position.

For all domains for which we are a registrar, the authorisation password is in the following format: WEDO-AAAA-BBBB-CCCC.

The Validity of the Authorisation Password

The authorisation password for EU domains is valid for 40 days from its issuance or until its first use (for example, during a transfer).

This may lead to a situation where the current domain registrar will provide you with an invalid authorisation password to transfer the domain. In this case, it is necessary to ask the current domain registrar to generate a new authorisation password or to obtain an emergency authorisation password directly from the EURid registry. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us (as a future domain registrar) to influence this.

For official information on authorisation passwords, domain transfers and My .eu, visit the EURid website.

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