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Role of Domain Owner’s Email

You need an available domain owner email to:

In your own best interest, keep the domain owner’s email up to date. If you lose access to it, you will greatly complicate the process of updating it.

Domain Owner’s Email Unknown

If you do not know the e-mail under which your domain is registered, contact customer support via the contact form and ask for a hint. If the contact is registered with us, we will send you the corresponding email address, partially replaced by asterisks for security reasons, for example la***@we***.c**.

Domain Owner’s Email Unavailable

The most common reasons for a domain owner’s email not being available include:

  • Deleted mailbox: Try creating one with the same name.
  • Mailbox on a recently expired hosting: Renew it by paying for the service, or try asking the hosting provider’s support for temporarily enabling it.
  • Only the domain works: Redirect emails to a functional mailbox.
  • Email domain expired: You can resolve mail from an expired domain removed from DNS by updating the domain owner’s email directly at the registry (applies to CZ domains) or through our authorization department (see below).

If you are unable to complete the previous steps or if they fail, please contact us via the contact form. Send a message using the following template:

I am requesting to change the email address of the contact (replace the parenthesis with the contact identifier) of the domain (replace the parenthesis with the domain name). The original email (replace the bracket with the original email) is unavailable and access cannot be restored. Please set a new email: (replace the bracket with a new working email).

Based on this request, you will receive a form to confirm with a notarized or electronic signature.

You can change other information (phone number) by editing the contact according to the instructions in the article Domains – Edit Contact Information.


Question: Why do I have to request the email change with a notarized document?
Answer: The domain owner’s email receives AUTH-IDs, which give you free rein with the domain. A request with an officially verified signature ensures that the change is requested by an authorized person.

Question: What if I also need to update my phone number?
Answer: If you have a working e-mail for the domain contact, update the phone number according to the instructions Domains – Edit Contact Information.

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