WEDOS DNS servers

When setting up DNS servers for a domain registered with us, you do not have to worry about the following information. In the control panel, in the detail of a specific domain, select the Change DNS Servers option in the left menu and select the Default WEDOS DNS Servers option. For CZ domains, use the Default NSSET WEDOS option.

CAUTION! Depending on the domain suffix, it can take up to 48 hours for DNS server changes to take effect across the Internet.

What if we are not the registrar of the domain?

For CZ domains you can use the NSSET option. It’s the list of the DNS servers, managed by the CZ domain registry. Use the NSSET named WEDOS. Your domain registrar will advise you where to enter the word WEDOS. Look for terms like NSSET, DNS change, or NS change.

For other domain names, use manual DNS server settings and enter the following DNS server names:


Their order does not matter, they are not separated as primary or secondary. If your domain allows it, use all of them (at least 2 are recommended).

DNS servers or DNS records?

Users are confused when it comes to the terms DNS server and DNS record. They are closely related, but they need to be distinguished. When entering the URL, the browser finds out the DNS servers of the domain and queries them for DNS records. It then uses specific DNS records to connect to the server on which the necessary services are running.

The DNS server stores DNS records for the domain and provides them when queried. It then provides the domain owner with the ability to view and manage DNS records. You can also come across the terms NSSET, nameserver, set of DNS servers, or DNSSEC.

DNS records already identify the specific servers on which the services run. This can be the web, e-mails, or even telephone services. Specific server addresses are stored in A, AAAA, MX, CNAME type DNS records. Sort of like the address of your house. If you wish to visit a website with us on a web host, the domain in the DNS A and AAAA records must have the IP address of our web host. How does the browser detect records set for a domain? By querying the DNS server.

DNS Transfers


It is possible to use an NSSET for CZ domains. This is a set of DNS servers. For CZ domains, when changing DNS servers, you do not have to list all DNS servers (usually 2 to 4), but you only need to enter one piece of data, which sets all DNS servers in bulk. For example, we use an NSSET called WEDOS. When you enter this NSSET, all our DNS servers are set for the domain.


Creating an NSSET

You can create your own NSSET, it is free! You can do so in the domain section of the customer administration.

Transferring an NSSET

For CZ domains, DNS servers can be quickly set up using an NSSET. An NSSET also has its own registrar, under which you can manage it. If you wish to manage an NSSET with us, just transfer it. This can be done in the domain section of the customer administration. You will need the authorization password for this.

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