The Increased Security of CZ Domains in the CZ.NIC Database

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Holders of .cz domains can block changes to data about their domains, contacts and name server sets. The aim of this improvement of the system is, among other things, to increase the security of information about holders and the system of registration and administration of .CZ domains.

Those interested can fill out a form on the website, through which they can request the blocking of a domain, contact or set of name servers. They will then confirm this form – either with an officially verified signature or a qualified certificate – and send it to the association’s address. Unlocking will then proceed in the same way.

What Is This Good for?

By blocking changes, you can prevent domain theft, data changes or DNS servers changes.

With WEDOS, a change of the domain holder (owner) is possible by means of an officially verified application or electronically via e-mail and SMS. We therefore pay attention to maximum security, which applies to changes of ownership. For other registrars, however, a change of holder is possible by simply clicking in the administration or, for example, via e-mail. We consider this to be insufficient, so it is advisable to block important domains so that changes cannot occur. In our country and with other registrars, it is also possible to change, for example, DNS servers in the administration and thus misuse or disable the domain. Therefore, if you do not guard your relevant login details or the contact e-mail is misused, there is a risk of problems.

You can choose to block:

  • any changes to the domain or contact or DNS servers to prevent a change of domain holder or abuse of the domain,
  • transfer – change of registrar (for example from us where we require officially verified signatures to another registrar where e-mail is enough to steal)
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