CZ domain – transfer

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After the transfer of CZ domain there are not any other changes – remains the owner, DNS servers, and its validity (expiration date). Transfer of CZ domain is for free. Domain can be transferred also after the expiration date.

If you want to transfer multiple domains, you can use multiple domain transfer or for controlling of domains use API interface.

Process of transfer:

  1. Complete order of the domain transfer on our website
  2. In the second step, you will be prompted to enter the authorization password, you have to send the password by email as first – by pressing button Request authorization password. This password within a few minutes will arrive at the e-mail address of the domain owner. Then fill the password in the text box below and continue with your order.
  3. If the authorization password is valid, after completing the order will domain will be transferred within 10 minutes, about the result you will be informed by e-mail.

If you have any questions or complications contact our customer support.

Sending Authorization password

From the above procedure follows that you have to set up the domain owner contact properly with correct email address on which you can deliver e-mails.

Where are sent authorization passwords? It can be found on page Here you can locate information about your domain, abd in line Holder click on the link with identifier of owners contact you will see the detail of this contact, including the e-mail address. And this e-mail address will be sent authorization password.

E-mail with authorization password will arrive not from us but from CZ.NIC.

If the e-mail address is correct, make sure your message is not in the spam folder.

Broken or incorrect e-mail address for the domain

Without an authorization password, there is no way to transfer your domain to us. Not even possible to send the password to another address.

If the e-mail address is wrong, you must solve this problem with original registrar. Attention – we are talking about Registrar or contact, it may be different from domain registrar. The name of contact registrar can be found in the contact details online Sponsoring registrar.