WEDOS DNS – list of domains


You can access your DNS domain list by logging in to under the Services tab, the DNS link.

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This list contains all not deleted domain, that is located in our DNS system and is registered for your customer account. There you can add and edit domains settings.

For each domain is listed:

  • name domain name
  • status
    • active – domain is active and present on DNS servers
    • deactivated – domain is off, is not on the DNS servers
  • type
    • primary
    • secondary
  • date of addition
  • date of last change

Click on the icon near the specific domain and will you get into domain detail.

Click on the link new domain will take you to a form for entering a new domain to our DNS system.

The domain can be disabled if our staff for some reason has not activated it or if the domain on our DNS servers is not used for a long time and so it is unnecessarily in the system.