Serverhosting renewal

Each serverhosting (VPS or dedicated server) has stated expiration date, the date of expiration which you have prepaid. If you want to continue using server, it is necessary to prolong the expiration date.

If you do not want to renew server, after the expiration server going to shut down and later to its total abolition and erasing of all data.

Our system automatically 14 days before the expiration of server hosting creates renewal order and sends payment request to the customer by e-mail. The service is renewed after receipt of payment to our account (or after a successful online payment).

This behavior before expiration can be modified, see. Setting the services expiration and renewal.

It is possible to pay for server hosting monthly or yearly. If you want to change the billing period, follow these instructions Changing the services billing period.

If you are no longer interested in the server and want to cancel renewal order (expire service), read the procedure in article Termination of hosting services.

Manual renewal of serverhosting

The service can be manually extended at any time in the  customer administration in detail of the specific service in the left menu use link Renewal. It is possible to pay immediately from credit accout (if you use it and you have sufficient credit) or will be created payment request and sent by e-mail.