Settings of customer account

  Customer administration

Settings are available after logging in to on tab Customer, by using link Basic settings.

In the account information may be mentioned:

  • Company
  • Name (required)
  • Surname (required)
  • Title before name
  • Title after name
  • Preferred language – the language in which will be sent an e-mail for you (some might not be available in ​​other languages than Czech)

For the user account, it is possible to change the login name (e-mail address) by using this instruction change login (e-mail) (logins are the same as e-mails).

You can also select which of our products and services you want to be informed by email. Newsletters are sent about each topic max. 1x per month (with the possible exceptions of very important urgent communication). You can disable the sending of newsletters anytime.

Account settings

In this section you can set:

  • send emails with login information to the client administration
    • On – sending is turned on every time you log in
    • Important only – sending is on, e-mail is sent only if you log in from another IP address or browser
    • Off – sending is off
  • send failures, shutdowns, and changes via email
  • not include my orders in the coupon draw
  • hide deleted service records (FTP accounts, databases, users, repository,…
  • do not send emails with information on the course of service orders, payments and related accounting documents (documents will be available in the client administration)