Customer contacts directory

  Customer administration

If you frequently ordering our services, you can pre-set contact information and use it in the order form then by one-click. You have to be logged in your customer account when ordering where you have preset these contacts.

Manage contacts in the address book

To manage your contacts, you can reach after logging on on tab Customer, by using link Contacts folder.

On the screen that you will see, you see a list of currently registered contacts. Click on the first icon at a particular contact to see its detail, respectively click on the second icon will take you to the editing.

By clicking on the link New contact in folder takes you to a form where you can enter information about the new contact. Simply fill in only what you know and want – required only to fill the legal form, name, and surname. Other items are optional. Then click on Add >> button to create the contact.

By editing contact, it does not change the contact information for orders, in which was used this contact. If you need to change contact details for some ordes then follow this instruction or contact us via contact form.

Using the Contact folder

If you have prepared a contact in the contacts directory, you can easily use it when ordering services. When in the order you will get to step to enter the data about customers, you will see contacts list. Click on the link fill, to use contact information fo the current order. Then you can still optionally edit specified data. See the next picture:

Also if you do not have a contact in your address book and you want to save the data filled in the order, there is located option Save this contact to contacts directory. If you check this option and submit the form, the contact will be saved and the next time you can use it