Changing password for customer account

  Customer administration

To the password change form, you can get after logging on on tab Customer, by using link Change password in menu on left.

In the form fill in your original (current) password. Without entering the current password is not possible to set the new. Then fill in the new password twice. We want you typed it twice because it will reduce the probability of erroneous assignment – when typing passwords inscribed characters are not displayed, so it is easy to make a typo and you miss it.

The new password must have at least 8 characters and must contain at least one small and one large letter of the English alphabet, one digit and one special character.

TIP: You can also generate a password. Then, each generated password will meet the above requirements.

If everything is correct, click on the button change password. Use the new password the next time you sign in.

CAUTION! Remember your access data (username and password) or keep them safely, so as an unauthorized person could not get to them.