Changing the service’s billing period

Possibility of change in the billing period depends on the type of hosting service.


Domains can be billed and renewed up to 10 years.

More information in article  Domain renewal or expiration.


Webhosting can be billed only yearly. It is not possible to have a shorter billing period. Webhosting can be gradually extended up to any number of years ahead.

More in article Webhosting renewal.

Virtual servers, WEDOS Disk, WMS and WEDOS CD

For service VPS ON, VPS SSDWEDOS Disk, WMS, and WEDOS CD you can choose between monthly or yearly billing period. Another billing period is not possible, but you can gradually extend service up to any number of months and years ahead.

For the monthly billing period, the price increased by 10%.

You can change of billing period in customer center (example for VPS):

  1. Log into your account in customer center
  2. Open tab serverhosting
  3. Choose the server form list and open its detail
  4. In the left corner click on link Renewal
  5. There is the form Change of period, where you can select new billing period and push set button

After the change of period, any existing unpaid payment request for the next period will be canceled and issued new one for the new period.

More information:


The WEDOS Cloud service is invoiced annually, monthly, and newly also hourly (not yet available). No other billing period is possible, but you can gradually extend the service to any number of months and years in advance.

During the monthly invoicing period, the price is increased by 10%.

The procedure for changing the billing period is currently identical to VPS virtual servers.

More in the article WEDOS Cloud renewal.

Dedicated servers

To change the billing period for dedicated servers, contact Customer Support via contact form.