Payment by Regural Bank Transfer

  Billing, Paying for Orders

This is a classic bank transfer by entering the command in the bank.

You will find information about the total amount, the beneficiary’s account number and the variable symbol in the payment request e-mail sent by us. This email will arrive within a few minutes of ordering.

When using this method, it is absolutely necessary to use the correct variable symbol to allow us to identify the payment. If you do not specify a variable symbol or you specify it incorrectly, it may delay the processing of payments up to several business days until it will be manually tracked and processed. The payment can also be refunded if we are unable to identify it.

When paying please specify the exact amount, which is specified in the payment request. Do not include more orders into one payment. Such payments will not be accepted and will be returned to your bank account. If you want to pay more orders with one payment, you can use a credit account.

We do not accept written, fax or e-mail confirmations about the execution of a payment order, we always wait for the money to actually reach our account. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, choose one of the online payment methods.

If you are going to pay for a large number of hosting service orders, we recommend you use a credit account – send us credit in advance, payment is easier, there are fewer accounting documents.

Resolving an Issue With a Payment That Has Not Been Received

If you’ve made a bank transfer payment but haven’t received a receipt from us, and the order still appears to be unpaid in our system, please check the following:

  • It has been at least 2 working days since you sent the payment from your bank
  • in the order, you specified the correct account number and bank code of the recipient
  • in the order, you specified the exact amount (as was stated in the payment request )
  • in the order, you specified the correct variable symbol

If you want to complain about or report the indication of an incorrect symbol or amount, please use the contact form and please specify:

  • the date and time of when the payment was sent
  • the account number and bank code of the sender
  • the account number and bank code of the recipient
  • the amount
  • the variable symbol entered by you
  • the correct variable symbol (order number)

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