Payment by usual bank transfer

  Billing, Payments of orders

This is a classic bank transfer by entering the order in the bank.

Information about the total amount, payee’s account number and the variable symbol you can find in e-mail with a payment request (it will be delivered in few minutes after the order completion).

When using this method, it is absolutely necessary to use the correct variable symbol to make us able to identify payment. In case you do not specify a variable symbol or you specify it incorrectly, it may delay the processing of payments up to several business days until it will be manually tracked and processed. Also, payment can be rolled back if we fail to identify it.

When you paying please specify the exact amount, which is specified in the payment request. Do not include more orders into one payment. Such payments will not be accepted and will be returned to your bank account. If you want to pay more orders with one payment, you can use credit account.

We do not accept any written, faxed or mailed confirmation of processed payment order, we are always waiting for payment delivery to our bank account. Therefore if you hurry, it will better for you to choose from some of the on-line payment methods.

If you are going to pay for larger number of orders of hosting services, we recommend you to use credit account – send credit in advance, easier payment, less accounting documents.

Solving a problem of not receiving payment

If you made ​​a payment by bank transfer but did not receive an email of receipt from us, in our system the order is still considered unpaid, check the following:

  • It has been at least 2 working days since you sent the payment from your bank
  • in the order, you specified the correct account number and bank code of the recipient
  • in the order, you specified the exact amount (as was stated in the payment request )
  • in the order, you specified the correct variable symbol

If you want to complain or correct the wrong symbol or amount please use contact form and please specify:

  • the date and time of payment sending
  • account number and bank code of the sender
  • account number and bank code of the recipient
  • amount
  • specified variable symbol
  • correct variable symbol (order number)