List of orders in invoicing

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To the list of orders, you can reach after log into customer center on tab Billing, use link orders.

The list of orders is evidenced by all orders of new services and their extension, deposits on the credit account and additional funding invoices.

This list the not recorded Hosting Services, but requests for payments for these services. So if for example, you have a service, you will see the different billing requirements for payment of the setup fee and all other fees for extension. Order in billing corresponds to a deposit invoice issued by us.

In the list of orders can be found basic information:

Click on the icon near the specific domain and will you get into order detail:

For orders may be issued one or more accounting documents:

  • payment request (deposit invoice)
  • tax documents – proof of receipt of payment to our account or perform any other method of payment (on-line payment), is used as a confirmation to account for VAT
  • invoices – issued after the implementation of these services or delivery of ordered products

By clicking on the document number you receive the document for printing.

In the customer service center is not possible to make any changes in orders. If you need to change anything for the order or do something else with it, you have to contact us.